What is diamond identification?

GIG covers the entire jewellery and gemstone sectors.

From the first moment we started to build the Institute, we considered some
values to be essential, which then became the foundation of the Institute itself.

Transparency, ethics, professionalism, knowledge, respect are only a part of the principles we believe in and that have led us spontaneously towards the affiliation with CIBJO, the world’s largest authority for the gemological jewelery sector.

In 2006, CIBJO became the only organization in the international diamond, gemstone and jewellery sectors ever to receive official consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.  With our membership, GIG is proud to be a part of CIBJO and to operate within its rules and regulations.

Gulf Institute of Gemology GIG was born by the awareness of the need to
respond to the requirements of the luxury industry’s consumers in the
region, as well as to equip and offer strong support to all operators in the
jewelry sector. At today, GIG covers the entire jewellery , gemstone and
precious metals sectors vertically, from mine to marketplace, and horizontally within each of the component sectors in the various production,
manufacturing and trading centres.

What is Diamond Grading?

What is diamond grading? A diamond under One step of the GIG grading process Diamond Grading involves evaluating the qualities of an individual diamond and

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