Gulf Institute of Gemology

From September 29th, 2019, Gulf Institute of Gemology is proud to inaugurate its activity with an entire week of events and initiatives.

Sunday 29th , the Ceremony with the Grand Opening Event, held at the Kempinski Hotel, Al Mouj , Muscat, starting at 7.00pm.
Many illustrious personalities from all over the world will be attend the Event, enjoying the presentation and celebrating the birth of the Institute.

Starting from September the 30th, the Institute, in particular the Gemological
Laboratory as well as the Research Department, will be exceptionally open doors for the Open Week days. Everyone can enjoy and admire the GIG dowry instrumentation, including spectrophotometers and high tech equipment.

We want to share with our costumers, already costumers and not, how we manage gemstones, our internal stones flow and we like the idea to give the unique opportunity to touch what a gemological institute is and how gemologists and scientists work”, says Fabio, the Institute’ CEO, “I can easily compare our Gem Lab to and Research Department to a spaceship. We can explore the unknown, we can easily face all the modern market challenges and, most important, win them”.

During the days of the Open Week the GIG Luxury Academy will officially begin the educational calendar for the academic year 2019/2020 with seminars, expressly dedicated to the final consumer of the jewelry market.

Stay tuned and do not miss the initiatives that will be promoted during the open week days.

Follow us on our socials pages or website for more information. To visit us and to book a seat for the seminars, please contact us

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