Jadeite Jade: From Heaven to Earth

Join GIG ALL summer with its upcoming webinars on everything you need to know about the glitzy world of gemmology. Topics will cover a range of issues and ideas from jewels to design and manufacturing methods, the historic relevance of gemstones, mines around the world and more. 

You know the saying the early bird got the worm? You also have a chance to join our webinar in English on the 14th of June about the alluring Jadeite Jade, a stone very much valued by the Chinese and other civilizations around the world; wherever this stone was found, it was held in high esteem, even more than gold! It is said, the name comes from the Spanish phrase “Piedra de ijada” which in English is “stone for the pain in the side”, probably due to the belief that this stone could relief colic pain.

History has it that when the Spanish explorers came to Central America, they witnessed how the Aztecs and Mayans revered the stone. Know more by joining us and who knows you maybe the next jadeite master!

Sunday 14th of June 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In English
Main Speaker: Eva Kountouraki

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