What is Diamond Grading?

What is diamond grading? A diamond under One step of the GIG grading process Diamond Grading involves evaluating the qualities of an individual diamond and deciding how its qualities reflect its rarity and value.Diamond value is based on the famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. As you can notice all the factors start […]

What Is Diamond Identification?

What is diamond identification? The early phase of diamond identification By diamond identification GIG answers to three main questions: Is it a real diamond or a simulant? Is a Natural one or a lab grown diamond? Is your diamond treated or untreated? The term “simulants” is used to indicate a material similar to the diamond […]

The Chiaravalle Cross: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study

The Chiaravalle Cross: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study Di Martino, D.; Benati, G.; Alberti, R.; Baroni, S.; Bertelli, C.; Blumer, F.; Caselli, L.; Cattaneo, R.; Cucini, C.; D’Amico, F.; Frizzi, T.; Gagetti, E.; Gironda, M.; Greggio, L.; Lazzarini, L.; Musa, M.; Perelli Cippo, E.; Riccardi, M.P.; Gorini, G. Abstract: The Chiaravalle Cross, a masterpiece of […]

دعوة لجميع علماء الأحجار الكريمة ، ومصممي المجوهرات ، وصاغة الذهب ، وتجار التجزئة والمتحمسين!

أطلق عملك هذا الصيف مع GIG احصل على الذكاء في مجال الأعمال يوم الأحد الحادي والعشرين مع الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة GIG فابيو داميكو وعضو مجلس الإدارة محمد البلوشي. الحادي والعشرون يصادف أيضًا وقت كسوف الشمس ، وهو الوقت الذي يعتقد الكثيرون أنه بداية مشاريع ناجحة وفرص جديدة! هذه المرة في ندوتنا على الويب سوف نتحدث […]

Jadeite Jade: From Heaven to Earth

Jadeite Jade: From Heaven to Earth Join GIG ALL summer with its upcoming webinars on everything you need to know about the glitzy world of gemmology. Topics will cover a range of issues and ideas from jewels to design and manufacturing methods, the historic relevance of gemstones, mines around the world and more.  You know […]

E-Academy June Press Release

Your Online Screen Time is About to Get Glitzier GIG just launched its brand-new e-academy and completed its first webinar on the 31st of May about everything you need to know about mysterious emeralds and their use in history and by royalty everywhere.  In case you missed it, we have an upcoming webinar hosted in […]

Webinar Press Release

GIG e-Academy Press Release The Gulf Institute of Gemology (GIG) launches the e-academy platform this year with a series of exciting industry webinars available for all. GIG will also be offering webinars in Arabic language making it the first and only establishment of its kind to make such an offering. Webinars will cover a range […]

Enter the World of Gemology with GIG Virtually!

Enter the World of Gemology with GIG Virtually! GIG is excited to announce that it will be launching a series of Webinars, starting from the 31st of May 2020 onwards. The Webinars will cover a range of interesting topics about modern gemology and will be delivered every Sunday. The GIG e-Academy Webinars are a series […]

March: The Month of Jewellery

Hello March! The Month of Jewellery The Gemological Laboratory of GIG in collaboration with the GIG Luxury Academy, celebrate March, as the “Month of Jewellery” with a series of events and special offers! Gem Lab Promotions Bring your jewel to the GIG Gem Lab & from the second piece onwards get a 30% reduction on […]

Luxury academy: one year of education

Luxury academy: one year of education begin We are very proud to announce that the year of the GIG luxury academy will begin in February with two courses conducted by Professor Eva Kountouraki. With the first course “Essential Diamond Knowledge” students will learn how the international system of diamond grading works and obtain the basic […]