What is Diamond Grading?

What is diamond grading? A diamond under One step of the GIG grading process Diamond Grading involves evaluating the qualities of an individual diamond and deciding how its qualities reflect its rarity and value.Diamond value is based on the famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. As you can notice all the factors start […]

What Is Diamond Identification?

What is diamond identification? The early phase of diamond identification By diamond identification GIG answers to three main questions: Is it a real diamond or a simulant? Is a Natural one or a lab grown diamond? Is your diamond treated or untreated? The term “simulants” is used to indicate a material similar to the diamond […]

The Chiaravalle Cross: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study

The Chiaravalle Cross: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study Di Martino, D.; Benati, G.; Alberti, R.; Baroni, S.; Bertelli, C.; Blumer, F.; Caselli, L.; Cattaneo, R.; Cucini, C.; D’Amico, F.; Frizzi, T.; Gagetti, E.; Gironda, M.; Greggio, L.; Lazzarini, L.; Musa, M.; Perelli Cippo, E.; Riccardi, M.P.; Gorini, G. Abstract: The Chiaravalle Cross, a masterpiece of […]